I pooped

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On the bed (third state).

Jean-Louis Forain, from Jean-Louis Forain, aquafortiste (Jean-louis Forain as etcher) vol. 2 part 1, by Marcel Guérin, Paris, 1912.

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"I know who I am"


I haven’t known any other way to live my life
than to destroy all around me that is good
and pure.
I spit on memories
and drag what were clean and polished picture books in my head
through the dirt and mud of my ego.
I cram dream, after dream,
after dream
into jars,
all fluttering together.
so many pasts and futures carrying on
in a mason jar on my windowpane.
mushed together now, only a blur
of everything I have saved
and refuse to let go of.

Not even hungry just putting food in my mouth and chewing


Sometimes I can’t sleep because I am thinking about you and I need to get up to have a cigarette because I think that will help. Sometimes I wake up from dreams about you. Once I dreamt that you sent me every picture in your phone and I woke up in a panic. First I was happy then I was very afraid.

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Every poem starts with I

A lot of the things I don’t do, I don’t do them because people want me to do them.

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I’ll use my very existence
as a monument
to everything we have
done to each other,
all I have seen and felt with you,
I’ll carry it with me.
will you?