Do you ever think about all the people who would have no idea if you died? All your mutuals that don’t know your first or last name who would never see or hear anything about you getting hit by a bus or something. You’d just drop off the face of the earth and people who liked you but aren’t close to your life you would never find out why.

What the fuck is up with non smoking patios?


Favorite Films: Aliens (1986)


Harry Holland (British, b. 1941), Car Park, 1985. Charcoal on paper, 67 x 67 cm.

Title: How To Disappear Completely Artist: Radiohead 48,267 plays


..this isn’t happening

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Title: Paragon Point Artist: Tim Hecker 113 plays
Title: Dust Breeding (1.316)+ Artist: Stars of the Lid 135 plays


FREDRIK VÆRSLEV, Untitled, 2011

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Sleepy and lonely and stoned


12 monkeys time machine 

Title: Stars Artist: Hum 1,811 plays


She thinks she missed the train to mars

She’s out back counting stars…

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Title: Not Waving But Drowning Artist: I Hate Myself 5,425 plays
was further out than you thought
and current-caught
not knee-deep
but out to sea
slipped off the boat we bought
water water everywhere
but nowhere a drop to drink
i’m floating wrinkling uncomfortable
i’m sinking and sinking and sink

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