Title: Dead Moon California (Midnight In Solitude)/The Difference Between Looking And Seeing Artist: Ceremony 695 plays

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Stoned and comfy talkin on skype
the long john game.

Run With the Hunted is breaking up and I am going to have to go to that Seattle show. I gotta see my dudes one last time.


Deafheaven // Churchill’s Pub, Miami // 6.15.14

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This is a selfie blog


olivier umecker
ink on paper (24 x 32 cm)


50 days, 19 hours since Mike Brown was killed.

It’s supposed to be cold:(

Title: Deep, Deep Artist: Have a Nice Life 1,847 plays


jesus christ, why is love so lonely?
all water on earth
evaporates into steam and erupts from the ground,
does anyone else feel guilty?
like I did it all myself.

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olivier umecker
ink and gouache on paper (21 x 29,7 cm)


Title: Never Stops Raining Artist: Foundation 50 plays

Feels like I’m losing my mind,
like i’m losing everything,
like my body is a prison I can’t escape.

This is a sadness, that only loneliness can bestow.
Pick up the pieces of your broken soul,
weld them to your bones.

Title: Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive Negative) Artist: Modest Mouse 2,373 plays


i didn’t go to work for a month
i didn’t leave my bed for eight days straight
i haven’t hung out with anyone
'cause if I did, i'd have nothing to say

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Title: You Are My Sunshine Artist: Chelsea Wolfe 1,191 plays
Title: Gordian Knot Artist: Full of Hell 3,158 plays

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try to make it all die
and smash away.
bury it deep,
laugh in it’s face,
roam wild and free
but you’re boring
you’re running circles
nothing is working
and it shows.
it’s not important, all the things you hate
running in circles, gasping for air
you want something special
something new to you
nothing matters
nothing is good enough
just the light from a screen dull on your face
staying up late
trying to wish it away.