Please just talk to me

I’m always checking everything/I’m always looking/I’m always aware

gotitforcheap has never changed his display photo in all the years I have known him and that’s something special to me

Title: They'll Only Miss You When You Leave Artist: Carissa's Wierd 953 plays


"I’ve read this letter for the hundredth time today
I’ve rearranged, analyzed the words
Tried to find something between the lines that wasn’t there
At least now I can see through these worn out lies on torn up pages
Don’t know how I’ll fall asleep tonight”

about the ground


talking to folks
imagining crying in a circle
walking in circles
walks home late
hate all life
wanting love every day
receiving love
as a child
losing nothing
gaining everything
forgetting nothing
learning nothing
losing most things
brain cells and lungs
hating most things
late on everything
throwing up
or wanting to be home

Title: Stay Home Artist: American Football 3,965 plays


that’s life - it’s so social.
so physical…
so emotional…
so stay home.

Anonymous asked: Post more pictures of your face


can you appreciate the irony of asking me anonymously to post more pictures of my face?

Title: Typical Fashion Artist: Love Lost But Not Forgotten 108 plays


In typical fashion, you were confused. You were sorry when you
realized that you fucked up, but I expected that. In typical fashion,
everything dies and gets swept away. The people that we put high up on
pedestals crumble like statues. You’d be crazy if you ever thought they
wouldn’t. You’d be a fucking dreamer.

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a gap


no one told me how much of an
asshole I looked like at the party,
how I was waving my hands around
drunk talking about how good I am in
my bed is a mattress on the ground covered in dog hair and clothes.
no one told me how much of a lonely freak I look like
when I’m at work, not looking at people and kicking boxes around, screaming IT’S FINE, I’M FINE.
no one told me how stupid I was to let anyone in
you said you liked my photographs, but I think you were just lonely.

Zac Meadow sent me his new zine! He gave Aaron Clamp, Easton Snow and myself a shout out and I am enormously flattered. Real good poems and even a mix CD are to be found inside, if you got his contact info you should hit him up for one. Or email him at

Mail from friends is the best thing in town.
Title: Clark Gable Artist: The Postal Service 2,685 plays


I want so badly to believe that there is truth and love is real. And I want life and every word to the extent that it’s absurd…

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I went to my room to jerk off but my dog was comfy on my bed and I said “alright I’ll go to the fucking bathroom”

Anonymous asked: Thinking of moving to Portland next summer, any suggestions on what area to look for apartments in?

I don’t live in Portland, i can’t be much help to you.

No one asked but here. poor quality photo, poor quality life.

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