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Wander, wilting,
void of value. 

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They call it “lipstick” but you can use it pretty much anywhere on (or in) your body that you want. Nobody is going to stop you. There’s no rules when it comes to creative expression. Be yourself. Dig a big hole and fill it with all of the things you’ve killed. 

a gap


no one told me how much of an
asshole I looked like at the party,
how I was waving my hands around
drunk talking about how good I am in
my bed is a mattress on the ground covered in dog hair and clothes.
no one told me how much of a lonely freak I look like
when I’m at work, not looking at people and kicking boxes around, screaming IT’S FINE, I’M FINE.
no one told me how stupid I was to let anyone in,
you said you liked my photographs, but I think you were just lonely.

Look at him

Quick, make out with me



How Many Cigarettes Can I Smoke on my Lunch Break.
A novel by me.

My photo album is where unposted selfies go to die.



the smooch

I wonder if people in cars next to me can see the porn on my dash through the bus windows.