too tired and sad to masturbate

Title: Guggenheim Wax Museum Artist: Have a Nice Life 1,409 plays


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What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

Title: How I Feel Artist: La Dispute 981 plays


Can’t seem to break off from the way I felt, but I guess you understand, man. We had no chance. I’m tired of fighting with the hand I’ve been dealt.

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I found a journal I started three years ago.


Ruin, 2014.

Oil on canvas.

Listen, just stop doing what you are doing.


Because it matters:
letting them down softly
sweating in bed
itching all over in public
taking stabs in the dark
losing momentum
speaking harshly about the world
loosely relating to people
bringing attention to yourself
showering irregularly
nodding at animals
never finishing your drink
heated discussions with yourself
disappointing your friends
letting people pass you
not regretting your decisions today


more photos you’ve already seen

When I was 18 I went blonde for the 90’s hardcore.

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"One day, you’ll thank the lord I didn’t stay."

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I had to get out of bed and have a cigarette because I feel stupid

A customer at work recognised me on tinder. 😭

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standing still 
still standing 
petty cough 
city breathing 
final days 
still waiting 
all alone 
it’s all for me 
my split second 
your sick moment 
my last breath 
your enjoyment 
all i am 
all I know 
walk on try to find 
new ways feeling fine 
dead weight 
waiting eyes 

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Anonymous asked: Do you believe that a person who has lived a life if lies, cheating, and stealing could ever be redeemed in his own right? Could a bad person ever turn his life around and live a life of positivity?

I spent my late teens fucking people over left and right. I don’t know if I would call myself a good person these days because of the way I used to live my life. But I have given credit to people who have turned their life around in a positive manner, people who make amends and work on their actions. Even though I have done just that, I always feel like it works better for other people. So yeah, I think there are some things you can change and I think we can better ourselves in order to become someone who is worth peoples time.


Matthew Ronay

Release Absorb Return. 2012
Shallac-based primer and gouache on cinefoil
113 3/4 x 144 1/8 inches (289 x 366 cm)